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This page explains how the systems uses specific terms


A group of properties. More information.

Auto Action

Pre-canned action or email which can be sent manually or programmed to be sent automatically to guests at specific times after the booking was made, before arrival or after departure. More information..

Booking Channel

OTA´s like, Expedia....

Booking Logs

Activity and information guests entered on your booking page.

Booking Widget

Button, calendars, booking boxes which connect your website to the booking system. More information..

Confirmation Messages

Automatic Emails guests receive when they have completed a booking. More information..

Channel Manager Link

A connection between your room type and the same room type at a booking channel. More information..

Daily Prices

A price for one date. Daily prices and Rates can be used in combination to fine tune prices. More information..

Host Notification

Automatic Email notification on new bookings. More information..


Rooms/units available for booking.


An offer is the price combined with certain conditions. Each room/unit has one or more offers. "Offer 1" is your standard offer to the guest which is always displayed.


Holder of a user account.

Owner ID

Unique identification number of an account.


Premises with one or more rooms/units for rent.

Property ID

Unique identification number of a property


A price with start and end date so it applies to a range of dates. Rates contain many rules about the conditions which must apply to make them available. Multiple rates may be defined for each room. More information..

Rate ID

Unique identification number of a rate.


Separately bookable sections e.g room, apartment, villa, cottage.

Room ID

Unique identification number of a room/rented unit.

Room Type

A room can have the quantity of 1 or more. If the quantity is >1 it the term room type is used.

Standard Reply

Pre-canned Emails which will open in your desktop email program. More information..

Template Variable

Short codes which will be replaced by the relevant information from each booking. They can be used in text settings or messages. More information..

Upsell Item

Extra services a guest can add at the time of booking, like bicycle hire, a sightseeing trip, meal, parking or obligatory charges like additional tax or cleaning fee.More information..


see Booking Widget