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This page explains how the system works

GeniusHotelBooking is a powerful hotel booking engine cum channel manager to facilitate marketing effort of independent and chain hotels in the growing markets of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, The Philippines and Indonesia. The system designed as a aided service with self-help conveniences for the technically savvy clients. This Wikipedia explains in details the working of the system and is meant to be a knowledgebase for staff, clients and interested hotel chains looking for a robust and tested system to supplement their web marketing efforts.

1. Technical Requirements

  • a computer with internet access

2. You are comfortable working with computers

  • use a browser to navigate web sites
  • use online help and instructions to do your own set up

The Control Panel



The CALENDAR gives a complete overview on your bookings, prices and inventory and lets you adjust inventory and add bookings.

The-CLAENDAR.png view large

For more information what you can do on in the CALENDAR click on CALENDAR then click on HELP in the top right menu of this page.


On-line bookings by your guests are automatically entered into the system. You can also manually enter off-line bookings. If you are using the Channel Manager, it will import your bookings from your booking channels.

BOOKINGS.png view large

For more information click on BOOKINGS then click on HELP in the top right menu of this page.


Save information about a guest and view their previous bookings.

For more information click on GUESTS then click on HELP in the top right menu of this page.


The multitude of sophisticated settings makes the system very powerful. You do not need to enter information for settings you don't use. Select the ones you need to reflect your pricing, strategy and conditions.

Control-Panel-Settings.png view large

For more information click on on HELP in the top right menu of each page.

Receive Bookings


Availability is calculated for each room based on bookings already in the system and rates that have been set. If you have no prices for a certain date the system will show no availability. For this reason it is important to keep the bookings and prices up-to-date.


You can set almost unlimited rate and discount combinations. In the RATES area of the control panel you can set rates with a start and end date which can have multiple conditions. Per day prices can be entered in the CALENDAR.

[Category:Prices|Here] you can find more information about prices.

Booking Page

The booking page displays availability and prices to guests and lets them book directly online. The booking page can be fully customised in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE.

The booking page shows your "Offers". An offer is the price combined with certain conditions. Each room/unit has one or more offers. "Offer 1" is your standard offer to the guest which is always displayed.

For more information on how to customise your booking page go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE then click on HELP in the top right menu of this page.

Booking Widgets - Booking Button, Booking Strip, Booking Box and more

Booking widgets connect your website to your booking page. Options include booking buttons, booking boxes, booking strips, calendars. To install them you or your web designer copy the code we provide to your web site. If you want to do it yourself you will need the ability to edit the HTML of your page. You can customise the widgets and get the code in the control panel under

For more information click on on HELP in the top right menu of each page.


The channel manager updates every web site when you take a new booking. You can enable channel management under SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER.

For more information on how the channel manger works go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER then click on HELP in the top right menu of this page. On this page you will also find links with detailed information on each channel.


    • In the How to... section you can find instructions how to use common functionalities.
    • You can use the search function to find information.
    • Watch tutorial Videos.
  • Contact your manager for ideas and solutions.
  • We do offer free support on technical issues. You can contact your manager via email for support.


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